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Newark Riverfront Sunset

In my family's church I grew up learning about #mkultra, "spiritual wickedness in high places", and the real hazards of what was (and in some ways is still today) the music business.

There was (and is still today) legitimate caution of the ways of the world.

There are entertainment and distribution entities that promote content that poisons the minds of the susceptible. There are also private prisons whose stakeholders are contractually obligated to keep a quota of humans incarcerated. These two things incentivize the downfall of our communities.

Even with all of this, over the years, there has been a shift. With social media platforms and access to distribution services, we've all become our own media companies. A single human being with a phone can broadcast a message globally. It's fantastic.

Do we need more trees?

The conversation then shifts from being cautious and guarding your consciousness from a few major forces radiating hazardous material, to learning to recognize and grow our own power and hearing our own voices.

That in itself can be a whole 'nother kind of scary! Sheesh!

It's no excuse for inaction though.

The early years of educational programming have affected me heavily. As a Guyanese-American, my family holds educational accomplishments in very high regard. In many ways, an academic career is viewed as salvation from poverty and the key to happiness, greater opportunity, and a fulfilled life. I was sold on that idea too. No one imagines those ideas being something that holds us back though. Self-education is equally important. You can receive the knowledge, but you have to know yourself in order to know what to do with it.

Today, although there are still corporate entities with nefarious motives, they are no longer the exclusive gatekeepers to economic success through the arts and music. Someone asked "What can be done to stop the violence in our communities?"

My answer is make more art. Make more music. Make money from it. Feed our families. Thrive and make this world a better place.

I saw a robbery on Instagram.
I saw a black man shoot another man who was in a vehicle. (Thankfully, the man survived!)
Given that a percentage of violent crimes occur as an attempted solution to economic hardship -
I saw people who would be so busy satisfying Maslow's hierarchy of Needs by making money and feeding their families from music, that the idea of hoping for a come up from doing harm to others wouldn't even be attractive to them.

If you have a great idea, write it down.
Read it out loud.

Not just to hear your own voice or see how it sounds, but it also shifts your aura.
Reading out loud helps you vocalize your thoughts and become vibrationally-aligned with those thoughts.

What if the vibration and movement of every cell in your body becomes aligned with your aspirations, thoughts, and prayers?

We have that opportunity today.
I heard that message loud and clear in 2016. I think about it with #gratitude, every time I publish another record.

I'm grateful that we're waking up in a world that is ours, with accountability for what we create and inherit. When you do your gardening, cultivate your assets. Today it's these singles. Tomorrow it's property.

I got a lot more content in preparation for a big harvest.
This is the farming.
This is the work.

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